FEAR - 3 ways to STOP IT

Fear.  The main "issue" that stops me in my tracks.  I should have started this blog MONTHS ago, but that little pesky feeling of fear made me come up with excuse after excuse.  I wanted to start a Youtube channel for years. Literally years, but I was always so fearful about the negative side to youtube. Instead of focusing on the positive things, I would focus on the negative. Then I decided to grab fear by the face and remove it from my life. Self doubt is a dream killer. Its not healthy and to be honest, its not cool.  So I'm going to share 3 ways I like to stop fear. fear

  1. Tell yourself you DESERVE it!  Because YOU DO!  Fear settles in when you subconsciously feel like you don't deserve it.  Well I'm here to tell you that YOU DO!  Start stating those positive affirmations to yourself.
  2. JUST DO IT!  Be like Nike and just do it.  Wake up tomorrow and decide that you are going to take 1 step closer to your goal.
  3. REMOVE negative thoughts and people. If someone doesn't believe in you or your dreams, then they are a negative person!  This includes yourself.  YOU have to believe in YOU. Don't say negative things about yourself or your dreams. Replace those negative thoughts with thing like this "I will do this" or "I deserve it".

Once I started doing these 3 things, I really started accomplishing my goals which makes me steps closer to my dreams.  I hope this was helpful.  Remember sharing is caring!  Share this with someone you think needs to hear it!