3 Ways You are secretly WASTING Money!



So you are probably thinking, Me? Waste Money? Never!!!  But you might be wasting money and not even realize it.  If you really want to make sure you are utilizing every penny that goes into your bank account, make sure you are NOT doing any of these things.  These hidden ways of wasting money most people don't even notice. So lets get to it!

Being Unorganized

This is an issue I still struggle with.  Being unorganized it like you are literally throwing money out of the window.  Clutter will cost you!  Trust me!  I know.  My daughters clothes were so unorganized.  I couldn't find things when I needed them.  We had no system in place.  I found myself just buying more stuff because I couldn't find things when I needed them.  This all changed once I organized their closet and drawers.

Action Item:  Organize something today.

Not reconciling every transaction in your bank account

People get all hyped up about creating a budget.  Which is great!  But whats equally important is reconciling that budget.  If you don't reconcile it, it won't work.  If you are not checking every transaction that gets posted to your bank account, you are wasting money.  People make mistakes all the time and so do computers!  Don't be one of those people who didn't realize they got charged the wrong amount or fraud is on there account.  Make sure you are being charged the correct amount every time!

Not  Negotiating

If you don't negotiate, you are not getting the best deal.  Almost everything is negotiable these days.  There is way too much competition for it not to be.  I negotiate everything from my cable and internet to our yard work and housecleaning service.  We literally save thousands of dollars by doing this each year!  People always use the excuse that its not worth it or they are too shy.  Don't be one of those people.

Its important to remember that not only does every dollar count, but every penny counts too!  Are you guilty of any of these?  If so, leave a comment down below.